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Capillary thermometers

RO 88

RO 88
Telethermometer RO-88 with rectangular black body, capillary mm 1500 Ø2,4 mm PVC coated, white drum with blue and red or black numbers, Arthermo logo and free bulb Ø6 mm.
  • RO      Horizontal reading
  • RV      Vertical reading


  • Different length capillary
  • Bimetallic compensation
  • Different bulb size
  • Black drum or different color of numbers
  • Different temperature range
Max temperature tolerance casing 60°C
Temperature range -40+40°C; 0+120°C; +50+350°C
Capillary 1500 mm PVC coated
Casing material Black resin
Fastener Self-locking clips
Dial White with red and blue or black numbers
Other orientation Vertical
Other colour White

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