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Boxed thermostats 'Classic line' IP54

TSC-095/IP 54

Encased adjustable thermostat, single pole, liqued filling sensing bulb and bellows operating, SPDT contacts. This thermostats is suitable for automatic adjustable of appliance in air conditioning system.


Switching capacity

  C-1 15(2,5)A 400 VAC
  C-2 2,5(0,4)A 400 VAC

Temperature range   0/40°C
Life of products   100.000 switching cycles
Minimum currentent   200 Ma without golden contact
Insulation resistance   >100 Mohm
Max temp.around body   T110°C
Max temp.around bulb   +15% switching value
Dielectric strenght   AC 2000V 1 min.
Connection   Faston 6,3x0,8 mm
European approvals   Thermostat inside ENEC03
Degree of protection   IP54 - Approved by IMQ

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