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Capillary thermometers

C 71

Telethermometer C71 with zinc plated steel body and steel frame, capillary mm 1500 Ø 2,4 mm PVC coated, white dial with black numbers and Arthermo logo, free bulb Ø6 mm.
  • Different capillary lengths
  • Nude capillary
  • Bimetallic compensation
  • Different size of bulb
  • Different color of displays and/or number
  • Threaded nipple
  • Different temperature ranges
Max temperature case tolerance 80°C
Case diameters Ø52, Ø60, Ø80 mm
Brass or copper bulb Ø6 mm
Copper capillary Coated in PVC
Case material Zinc plated steel
Frame Stainless steel
Fastener With brackets
Temperature ranges -40+40°C; 0+120°C; 50+350°C
Dial White with black numbers

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