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Boxed thermostats 'Classic line'



Encased adjustable thermostat, single pole, liqued filling sensing bulb and bellows operating, SPDT contacts. This thermostats is suitable for automatic adjustable of appliance in air conditioning system.


Switching capacity

  C-1 15(2,5)A 400 VAC
  C-2 2,5(0,4)A 400 VAC

Temperature range:   0/40°C
Life of products   100.000 switching cycles
Minimum currentent   200 Ma without golden contact
Insulation resistance   >100 Mohm
Max temp.around body   T110°C
Max temp.around bulb   +15% switching value
Dielectric strenght   AC 2000V 1 min.
Connection   Faston 6,3x0,8 mm
European approvals   Thermostat inside ENEC03
Degree of protection   IP40
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