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"CO" Digital thermostats

CO series


Digital thermometer CO series with high accuracy for the refrigeration and heating field.



Panel size 77 x 35 X 60 MM
Fixing hole size 71 x 29 MM
Max °C on the case 10+60°C
Relative umidity 20%>85%
Power suppy 230 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption < 5W
Accuracy 1°C


Model Range Output Instruction
CO3/30A -45+100°C 1SPDT 30A 250VAC  
CO3D -45+100°C 2SPDT 10A 250VAC  
CO3DFA -45+100°C 3SPDT 10A 250VAC  
CO600 0+600°C 1SPDT 10A 250VAC  


CO3/30A - Temperature regulation - NTC probe mm 2000

CO3D - Tempearture, defrost  regulation - NTC probe mm 2000

CO3SFA - Temparture, defrost , fan, alarm regulation - NTC probe mm 2000

CO600 - High Temparture regulation -K type probe mm 2000

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